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Honoring our Profession and how our Heroes served

WI EMS Honor Guard

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Presently, very few Emergency Medical Services have an established honor guard to respect fallen comrades. The purpose of the WI EMS Honor Guard is to ensure that each EMS provider, in the event of a Line of Duty Death (LODD), is provided with a dignified funeral service. The duty of the Honor Guard is to provide assistance and support for existing honor guards, families, and co-workers, as well as communities and local funeral directors. A LODD is a trying time for all involved.


The WI EMS Honor Guard can provide these services to fallen EMS comrades: Assistance in funeral planning, Providing information on LODD benefits for the families, Providing the United States Casket flag,  Furnish color guard with flags, Acting as honorary pallbearers, Providing bugler for TAPS,  Serve as ushers, Provide uniformed door attendants,  Provide a CISD certified Chaplin.


The honor guard started out with several units across Wisconsin, we’ve formed districts to help provide coverage, and now operate as one coordinated unit in the state. Any person of good moral character who is an Emergency Medical Responder, EMD, EMT, Advanced EMT, Paramedic or RN and works for a rescue service or ambulance service in WI is eligible for membership.

Each District meets for training and fundraising, each has a director who participates on the State Board of Directors which provides guidelines so all operate similarly and under the same training. We meet as a state-wide organization several times per year, mainly for training. We send delegates to the National EMS Memorial Service representing fallen WI providers at the National EMS Memorial Service held each May to honor fallen EMS providers. We are all-volunteer, no fee for our services. We accept donations to fund equipment, uniforms, and travel. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.


We offer three levels of Service for fallen EMS Providers in Wisconsin.

Line of Duty Death

Active Duty Death

Non Active Duty Death

Presentation or Event


Find information related to benefits, grief, mourning band procedures, flag etiquette, bereavement dress uniform program, code green for first responders, and more.


In Memory

We recognize fallen EMS providers who sacrificed their lives in the

line of duty .


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