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First Responders And Drug Abuse: A Tragically Common Pairing

Who Are First Responders?

First responders endure large amounts of stress, anxiety and depression among their day-to-day experiences, all of which may make them more susceptible to drug use. Examples of first responders include:

  • Police officers

  • Security guards

  • FBI agents

  • Sheriffs

  • TSA officers

  • Firefighters

  • Paramedics

  • Dispatchers

  • Lifeguards

  • Red Cross members

  • Fire Marshals

  • US Marshals

The role of first responders is to quickly counter threatening or non-threatening emergencies impacting Americans with action. First responders are typically the first person to encounter a person or situation that requires medical or law enforcement help. Such emergencies include terrorist attacks; natural disasters, crime, trauma, and accidents (fires, health-related accidents).

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