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Northwest District

Including the counties of:

District Leadership


Craig Nelson

CC Paramedic

New Richmond, WI

Executive Officer

Kenneth Kolbe

CC Paramedic, Retired

Hudson, WI

Training officer

Kerry Hilton

EMT Retired

Alma, WI


The group started out of a

need for professional representation at funerals of EMS providers and the municipal services in western WI working together in the Tri-County EMS Association.

some 16 people became involved in setting up the Tri-County EMS Honor Guard. After meeting Jon Arnoldson in Eastern Wisconsin, we began to form a working group to unite EMS Honor Guards across the state with similar goals under unified guidelines, uniforms, training, etc. This grew into the Wisconsin EMS Honor Guard Assocation, Inc. and now has representation across the state of all-volunteer, municipal, private, and hospital-based services. While we work with different Fire Honor Guards on events and funerals, our main goal is to assure EMS personnel have a dignified funeral in a line of duty death or active duty death in Wisconsin and to assist in the National EMS Memorial Service as Honor Guard members in remembrance of fallen providers. 

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