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Wisconsin EMS Honor Guard

District 1 was formerly known as the Tri-County EMS Honor Guard from Western Wisconsin. It was formed in 2009 by several members of the Tri-County EMS Association when we noticed several EMS Providers had passed away without having an Honor Guard present.

Chuck Mehls, Joshua Rau, Craig Nelson, Mike Sylte, Dale Pennel, Greg Carlson, Bill Brookshaw, Melody Griffith, Kerry Hilton, Ken Kolbe, Brandon Lyksett, and Rick Wold were founding members of the organization who volunteer their time and purchased their own equipment.

District 1 members have been representing WI at the National EMS Memorial Service since 2010.

​WI EMS Honor Guard Association, Inc.

In 2010 discussions between John Arnoldssen (Fox Valley WI EMS Honor Guard), and Craig Nelson and Joshua Rau (Tri-County EMS Honor Guard) began about merging the groups together for a state wide association. In 2011, Deb Treiloff of the Dane County EMS Honor Guard joined in the discussions. Several meetings were held to develop a vision and several more meetings to develop standards so we could all represent the EMS professionals of Wisconsin and support the efforts of the groups.

In 2015 John resigned to pursue new adventures in his life. VP Craig Nelson stepped up and finalized organizing the state into districts, becoming a not for profit corporation and gained a tax exempt status. Craig serves as the State Commander and Board President and continues to grow the association by adding districts with the Advisory Board members.

​WI EMS Honor Guard Association, Inc. intends to be the depository of names and stories of fallen providers in the state. We will work with the Wisconsin EMS Association, the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin, and the WI EMS Advisory Board and state DHS EMS Section to build and foster relations with all stake holders and represent the profession at all levels. 

We're new and our history is being formed today... if you wish to be part of it, please contact Craig Nelson as we are looking for EMS leaders motivated to develop local districts.

There's more to come soon

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