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Wisconsin EMS Honor Guard

The objective of the Wisconsin EMS Honor Guard Association is to provide organizational standards, uniformity, procedures for training and presenting colors, support and guidance to Honor Guard Districts throughout Wisconsin in order to operate independently or together as a Ceremonial Honor Guard or color guard.
We provide funeral assistance to all Wisconsin EMS departments and providers, and/or family members for an EMS provider, who has sustained a serious injury or who has died as a result of an injury or illness sustained in the line of duty, as well as to provide EMS Color Guard at events that present EMS in a professional and honorable manner.

In order to join the Honor Guard:

  1. You must be 18 years of age, and a United States citizen.
  2. You must be currently licensed EMS provider in WI, or previously had WI EMS license lapsed in good standing.
  3. You must provide a letter from a licensed EMS service director/chief in Wisconsin stating you are in good standing with the service and of good moral character to participate in the WI EMS Honor Guard.
  4. Able to pass a WI background check. 
  5. You must be in good health and able to participate in Marching up to 2 miles, standing at attention for up to 20 minutes, lifting up to 50 pounds.
  6. You must not have had membership terminated by the WI EMS Honor Guard at any level.

Application should be made to the WI EMS Honor Guard Association, Inc. You will be assigned to the closest district for training and membership.

Honor Guard members will have to purchase their own uniform from approved suppliers, with patches and cords provided by the State Association.

We suggest members go to their local service who can budget or fundraise for the cost of the uniform, approximately $500.

Attendance and participation at quarterly training sessions is required, failure to attend a minimum number of training sessions annually will result in membership suspension or termination.

All Honor Guard members are volunteer, considered at will. The WI EMS Honor Guard Association executive committee may terminate membership of an individual or dissolve a district at any time with or without cause or warning based on organization by laws.

Join the Honor Guard

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