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Aircraft background

The primary mission for the accident aircraft, N202LF, was as a backup helicopter for emergency air ambulance use, operated by County Rescue Services of Green Bay, Wisconsin, in partnership with Bellin Hospital, and St. Vincent Hospital. The Eagle III rescue helicopter service performed an average of 400 transports a year with their two helicopters.[5] This aircraft's role included accident scene flights and transport of critically ill or injured patients to facilities with specialized or greater levels of care. The aircraft also provided standby air ambulance capabilities to Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin during various auto racing events. N202LF was a 1987 Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm BO 105LS A-3 that was converted into an emergency medical service helicopter. It was owned by a Utah bank and leased by County Rescue. The helicopter's airframe had logged about 4,800 hours, and was last inspected on March 22.[2]

Details of crash

The accident aircraft lifted off from County Rescue Services helipad at approximately 10:30 am local time on April 13, 2006, for a routine maintenance flight under visual meteorological conditions. Shortly after take off, Pilot James "Jimmer" Vincent Jr., 46, of Menominee, Michigan, radioed County Rescue Services Headquarters with a distress call indicating he was having a problem.[6]The helicopter's sound was abnormal, which caused witnesses to take notice,[7] including a few dozen children and their caretakers at the Bellevue Children's World Learning Center across the street.[2]

It was observed by several witnesses spinning out of control, and then flying into the wind, and away from County Rescue Services Allouez Avenue Headquarters, and Eagle III's hangar. It is not known if Pilot James Vincent Jr intentionally flew the aircraft away from the buildings, which were both occupied, but George Miller, director of flight operations at EAGLE III believes he did.[2] Witness state that the helicopter, now being flown to the southeast and approximately 200 ft off the ground, became quieter, and then fell from the sky[7] approximately 200 yards (180 meters) from the helipad it took off from.[8]

Rescue personnel who worked closely with the victim were on scene within seconds of the crash. They transported the pilot to St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay using one of the Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances they had based at their Headquarters, less than 100 yards (90 meters) away from the crash site. The pilot was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after arriving there.

The autopsy on the pilot did not show any medical condition or illness involved in the accident.[9] The pilot "died of trauma sustained in the crash," Brown County Interim Medical Examiner Al Klimek said

James "Jimmer" Vincent Jr., Pilot

Age: 46

Hometown: Menominee, Michigan

End of Service: April 13, 2006

Birth: ​46 years old

EMS Service(s): County Rescue Services of Green Bay, WI

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