Types of Service

The death of an EMT/Paramedic may occur under a variety of circumstances. To ensure all fallen EMS personnel are honored in a consistent manner, details are provided below following the National EMS Memorial Standards. A service director/chief's guide is available to all services under the EMS Directors tab.

Line of Duty Death

The death must be the result of a traumatic injury suffered in the line of duty (on a run or on scheduled duty), a cardiac event within 48 hours of a duty shift, illness proven to be attributed to the job by workers compensation.  (cardiac, stroke, mental illness or suicide).


Active Duty Death

A full-time or volunteer member of an emergency medical service agency serving in an active capacity, Non-job-related death: Deaths, natural and traumatic, that are not directly related to an emergency medical service call.


Retired or former EMS Personnel

An honored or retired member of an emergency medical service agency that passes away during a non-EMS activity of any reason.  Understanding we are all volunteer honor guard members, we attempt to have a member represent us when possible.