EMS Directors/Chiefs

Dear Emergency Services Director/Chief:

The Wisconsin EMS Honor Guard was formed to provide statewide services to honor our profession and providers who have made the ultimate sacrifice and were killed in the Line Of Duty.  If the family requests a full honors funeral, we are here to assist the family and you in preparing to HONOR this EMS hero.

As soon as we are notified, an advance team will meet with you, the family, and or the funeral director to plan logistics.  When a member of the EMS provider has died in the performance of their duty: the service. areas services, community, police officers, fire departments, and more will want to pay their respects.  Our services will provide families and services a chance to focus on healing. We will work with you every step of the way providing full honors.


The family may be entitled to several benefits from both the Federal and State government.  The Honor Guard has trained personnel to assist the family in filing these forms.  Enclosed you will find an Emergency Notification form.  We recommend that you ask ALL of your employees to fill out and return this form to you.  Please keep the forms on hand in a location that can be accessed by you and your representative.  We further recommend that this form be reviewed annually for any changes that need to be made.  It will help the family and you know the wishes of the employee.

You will also find the Ambulance Director/chief checklist.  The checklist is a guideline of events that need to be followed and have been established to assist you in this process.  You may feel free to modify this checklist in any way that will work for your department.  Once the Honor Guard has been notified a representative will call you.


We truly hope that the need for the EMS Honor Guard never arises.  But, in the event it does: we will assist you through this tragic period.

The Wisconsin EMS Honor Guard.