Line of Duty Deaths

Dennis Swenson, EMT

Age: 62

Hometown: Cornucopia, WI

End of Service: May 1, 2015

Birth: December 31, 1952

EMS Services: South Shore EMS

Bayfield County, WI: LODD, Dennis Swenson went back into a burning house to rescue his own mother from the fire. Both parished in the blaze.

Darren Bean, M.D. and EMS Medical Director

Age: 37

Hometown: Hazelhurst, WI

End of Service: May 10, 2008

Birth: December 4, 1970

EMS Services: UW Med Flight Surgeon, Medical Director

Medical helicopter crash after transporting a patient.

Mark Coyne, RN Flight nurse.

Age: 53

Hometown: Madison, WI

End of Service: May 10, 2008

Birth: July 29, 1954

EMS Services: UW Med Flight

Medical helicopter crash after delivering a patient.

Steve Lipperer, Pilot

Age: 34

Hometown: Madison, WI

End of Service: May 10, 2008

Birth: September 17, 1968

EMS Service: Air Methods pilot operating for UW Med Flight.

Gregory L. Rosenthal, ​Flight Medic

Age: 43

Hometown: Minocqua, WI

End of Service: Friday, April 26, 2018. 

Birth: October 11, 1974 

EMS Service: Ascension Health Flight Paramedic - LODD

Klint Kody Mitchell, Flight Nurse

Age: 30

Hometown: Watersmeet, Michigan.

End of Service: Friday, April 26, 2018

Birth: December 24, 1987

EMS Service: Ascension Health as a Flight Nurse.

Rico Caruso, Pilot

Age: 34

Hometown: Hazelhurst; WI

End of Service: Friday, April 26, 2018

Birth: October 5, 1983 in CA

EMS Service: Air Methods Pilot/Ascension

Jaime Jaenke, Paramedic 

Age: 29

Hometown: Bay City, WI

End of Service: June 5, 2006

Birth: 1977

EMS Service: ​Ellsworth, WI and United States Navy

Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class killed June 5, 2006 as a result of enemy action when her Humvee was struck by an improvised explosive device in Anah, Iraq.

Matthew Mark Deicher, EMT/FF

Age: 47

Hometown: Mosinee, WI

End of Service: September 23, 2017

Birth: July 9, 1970

EMS Service: Mosinee Fire and Ambulance

A Wisconsin EMT/firefighter who was paralyzed in a 2003 ambulance crash has died of complications from his injuries in 2017.

Stanley Phillips III, MD

Age: ​32

Hometown:​ Madison, WI from Cathedral City, CA

End of Service: ​July 11, 2013

Birth: May 19, 1981

EMS Service: ​University of Wisconsin Medical Center in Madison, Wisconsin

He died after a Meriter Hospital ambulance carrying him crashed in 2013